Statistics show that in the year 2010 there were 457 000 foreign nationals from 190 countries registered in Berlin. The cultural potential brought to the city by nearly half a million people from all over the world is almost unlimited. Music has always had the power to unite people all over the globe, long before the age of Facebook. It has always been the only indisputable international language. And singing has always been, singing is and always will be the most intimate expression of the soul, able to present the most personal and vivid description of human nature.

Thus, it is the ambition of our group of singers, with its high musical potential, diversity and creativity, to perform vocal music at a professional level. Our repertoire comprises music from all over the world. Our international character compels us to do so. Since we are socially and culturally assimilated in Germany, it is our intention to combine German choral music with music from other countries in each of our concerts.

Internationales Vokalensemble Berlin is sure to enhance the multi-cultural and musical landscape of Berlin. Visit our performances to see and hear for yourselves!